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"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." - Galileo Galilei

Expats and Global Executives

Result: a balanced and successfull global executive

Living overseas is a continual and sometimes overwhelming learning experience. As a personal leadership leadership coach, I am your trusted guide in this process. Moreover I have been there myself. By asking probing questions, listening well to your answers and stimulating relevant action I open new ways of seeing the new world you have landed in. At the end of our sessions (often via Skype) you will have found your tools to re-establish your balance and to become the successful expat and businessman that you aspire to be.


Do's and don'ts when dealing with the Dutch

This is what K.C. Chang says.

Latest news

Online coaching

Due to the many restrictions,  caused by the Corona pandemy, the online coaching work has received an enormous boost. Both sessions with management teams as personal leadership coaching has yielded inspiring experiences.