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"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." - Galileo Galilei

Business manager / HR manager

The result: a strong team in which the potential of each member is clearly recognized and developed.

Easy Dolphin can offer solutions for social and interpersonal friction within a team or organization. We look for the root cause of the friction and provide an overview of the required social and business competencies which currently are lacking, and subsequently provide actively means to develop these. An external coach for this process is invaluable.

We ensure a professional personal distance between the manager and the non-optimal functioning team member. As a result, the manager keeps his objectiveness, while the team member can speak freely. At the end of the coaching process, the team member is again a fully active member of the team, or even ready for a next step in his career. The team strives with renewed energy and pleasure to achieve the shared organization goals.

This is what Natasja van Dorth says.

Latest news

Online coaching

Due to the many restrictions,  caused by the Corona pandemy, the online coaching work has received an enormous boost. Both sessions with management teams as personal leadership coaching has yielded inspiring experiences.