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Annemarie Snoeck, Life Coach

Annemarie SnoeckAs a coach, I facilitate individuals, teams and organizations in finding their own essence.

I stimulate people to look behind forms and facts. With me, people experience a safe and open space, allowing them to discover their essential energy and new possibilities on their life path.

Coach Practice – “In de Stroom” (In the Stream)

If you visualize your life as a flowing stream, sooner or later you encounter a big obstacle. Things don’t work anymore - you're stuck and the water flows fast past you. When I coach, I support you to get back to your creative flow, so you can become aware of your inner-self again. Slowly, but surely you feel your energy flowing back in and after you have made some steps, your life becomes meaningful again.

In practice

Know-how and inspiration I derive from the variety of projects and collaborations, and I share these experiences with everyone, who is open to listen, learn or experience.

I am oriented towards objectives and solutions, with a major commitment to people and organizations.

My approach can be recognized as a combination of calmness and decisiveness, sensitivity and thoroughness.

I facilitate people, both in Dutch and English.


  • Facilitator at several Coach Trainings - at MMS Transformational Life Coaching
  • Affiliate Trainer Lumina Spark (behavioral preferences and personality), Lumina Leader (leadership and 360), Lumina Sales (sales and business) and Lumina Life (vitality and positive health).
  • Trainer at “De Begrips Code” (interaction and communication styles)
  • Intuitive courses at the Centre for Life and Intuition (CLI in Utrecht)
  • Trained in Archetypal Essences
  • 15 years of experience in (direct) marketing & communications
  • Since 1996, self-employed at Snoeck Management Services BV

Latest news

Online coaching

Due to the many restrictions,  caused by the Corona pandemy, the online coaching work has received an enormous boost. Both sessions with management teams as personal leadership coaching has yielded inspiring experiences.